Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When Dennis Hogan called KingCast a "trouble maker," he was referring to Constitutionally-protected activies, KingCast won that issue.

A tea party group's endorsement of Kelly Ayotte is at odds with the moderate image the GOP sought for her.

I am now in touch with National Journal reporter Lindsey Boerma, who noted:
While the Washington GOP establishment is reportedly courting Ayotte as the “younger, dynamic female senator” emblematic of their new moderate fa├žade, she's apparently seeking the tea party's seal of approval.
"We only get into races when we are asked,” said FreedomWorks spokesman Adam Brandon, indicating that Ayotte sought out the group's support. Brandon said FreedomWorks made the endorsement only after gaining "consensus from our guys on the ground -- we can’t endorse if our activists’ membership is spilt."
I don't know if the Tea Party's official stance is to trounce any adverse media it can, perhaps Kelly is leading the way on that, read yesterday's post (with related video) on the GOP/Tea Party run-and-hide removal of my Civil Rights Free Press lawsuit and watch all Kelly Ayotte/GOP videos at YouTube KingCast65.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Editor & Publisher to follow Marinova v. Herald et al. Defamation and KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte & GOP Free Press cases.

Editor & Publisher is a fantastic resource. And with just a few quick keystrokes, they are now fully aware of the heinous nature of both of these cases.
I.  Marinova v. Boston Herald et al., Suffolk Superior 2010-01316.
II. KingCast v. U.S. Senate Hopeful Kelly Ayotte, GOP (to be filed next week).
    A. Mexican Standoff: The last of three (3) willful infractions and threats of arrest.
    B. First Amendment Freedom of the Press explained to Kelly Ayotte, GOP.
    C. Commentary from the prevailing party in a related 2009 NH High Court case.
    D. The perspective video documenting prior successful First Amendment battles.