Friday, August 27, 2010

Who's raping whom with Fraud upon the Court? KingCast proves Dan Mullen a scheming liar just like his client, fired Jaffrey Chief Martin J. Dunn.

This is part of my Second Supplemental Pleading for mailing tomorrow. The Supplemental Pleading filed earlier today is posted along with the Second Supplemental Pleading, seeking a finding that Martin J. Dunn and his lawyer Dan Mullen committed Fraud upon the Court.

As noted in this post with the Motion to Intervene, the NH Supreme Court reversed Martin Dunn's lies about me being "disbarred" as manifest by and through his counsel, Dan Mullen. I wrote a Supplemental Pleading that I will post later, and it showcases the indisputable FACT that Dan Mullen, of Ransmeier Spellman et al., knew I was suspended and said as much before the Retirement Board where he lost his case, but only juiced up the pleadings to say "disbarred" in an attempt to gain Certiori before the Supremes.

His Fraudulent activity worked, he got Cert and a reversal for his bubble-head client.

But meanwhile, Dipshitz Dunn (as correctly heralded by his peers) and Mullen actually had the nerve to claim that my Demand Letter about the police abuse suffered by Willie Toney was "fraudulent" but he and his client knew better. They knew that the only NAACP Officer Affidavit thoroughly supported my position, that I lied about NOTHING and told the NAACP brass EVERYTHING. Read it here.

Which brings me to my Second Supplemental Motion to Intervene:


EXCERPT: May it please the Court: ........Attorney Dan Mullen wrote
"[King] wrote bogus news articles fantasizing that Mr. Dunn has been arrested for raping his daughter."

Query, did Dunn tell him that? Did Mullen believe him? Did he engage in Due Diligence to check the blog or to ask for a printout (that does NOT exist because it never happened)..... This is pure poppycock, and Dan Mullen and his client knew -- by virtue of the very same Internet posts that they loathe -- that I never issued any fantasy comments about Dunn raping his daughter. No, in point of fact that sad truth was that Dunn was having fantasies about me being gang-raped in prison, read the letter that he thought was funny ("you 'bout to be Bubba's bitch you coconut head racist") and the attendant transcript above. Just the FACTS.

Meanwhile Dunn whines that I called him a "white cracker" well ain't THAT the pot calling the kettle black.

But what's worse than that is the fact that his lawyer jumped in bed with him and worked the lie too, making him no better than his client, some might say even worse because of his moral and ethical obligations to the Court. Now that's one ugly two-headed beast, that.

Lastly Dunn continued to lie about me and told Charlie Duffy in this March, 2006 email that American Tower Corporation had to have police escorts to fire me; walk me out of the building. More poppycock. There were no escorts, just a pissed-off company who had to pay $290K to the Department of Labor after I ratted them out for not paying my trainees overtime, and that's another FACT, call Attorney Corey Surett, he remembers me, or simply read the DOL press release.

.......Let this be a lesson to fired Chief Martin J. Dunn, Dan Mullen and to other blue blood attorneys at Big Firms: Do not assume you can lie at will and get away with it, because sometimes you will get caught, and sometimes you will be punished, one way or another. The types of lies and even physical abuse I suffered at the hands of some of these lawyers in the 90’s (read: Luis Alcalde, Esq) will not be tolerated anymore. We are in a New Era of Communications with the Internet, and viva la difference.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

KingCast says "Folks just love my Kelly Ayotte for Senate blog!!!"

They sure do. Google Kelly Ayotte + Senate and see whatcha' get. Well actually the picture shows you what you get, KingCast up on top, once again. And KingCast is on top because of the insightful videos that we do, and they are reaching many more people than YouTube indicates, I know their counters stay stuck on many of my videos, interesting. Listen to noted Author Casey Sherman, retired Franconia LE Bradford Whipple and me discuss Kelly Ayotte in the Bowfinger or Bad Blood Movie #2. Read more about Kelly Ayotte's abusive cop friend Bruce McKay OC Spraying and inappropriately clearing leather (read: drawing his loaded police issue handgun at a bunch of tourists) right here.

Forward-thinking people of the Republican and Democratic persuasion are sick and tired of this feckless AG. Her best buddy Martin J. Dunn (remember the Aaron Deboisbriand and Christopher King fiascos out of Jaffrey) just got schooled by me for lying and saying I was disbarred, the NH Supreme Court changed its written opinion 2 hours after I emailed them, read it all right here.

And read more about Kelly Ayotte's background, including the FRM Ponzi scam and Unconstitutional DNA reporting for NH Youth, right here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Recon Motion: KingCast warns NH Supreme Court on "Slime Bag" Martin J. Dunn appeal in No. 2009-265, 19 August 2010: Quit telling the same lies he did.

Pictured: Idiot fired cop Martin J. Dunn and his idiot resigned Prosecutor William Albrecht, IV.


Dear NH Supreme Court:

Your 19 August 2010 opinion in Martin J. Dunn v. NH Retirement System stated:
Around October/November 2005, Dunn discharged a police officer, who then obtained union representation and filed a grievance against Dunn.
Well guess what? Dunn and former NH AG Kelly Ayotte lost all aspects of that case, and Jury acquitted Aaron Deboisbriand in about an hour. His father and I kept in touch throughout the case and throughout my case because Dunn and Kelly Ayotte are known to be feckless, but dangerous in their own ways.

It then stated:
In addition to budgetary challenges, Dunn faced a number of stressors beginning in 2004 and continuing through his final day of work in July 2006. In December 2004, Dunn received a letter on NAACP stationery threatening to sue him and the police department. This began a lengthy dispute waged both in the courts and on the internet between Dunn and the letter’s author, a disbarred attorney. Although the letter-writer’s lawsuit against Dunn was dismissed in late 2006, the internet attacks continued.

Well that's not exactly accurate..... First of all it was MassCops who called Dunn a "Slime Bag," not me.

Second, before I kicked his butt in the Criminal case, Martin J. Dunn thought it would be funny if I got gang-raped in prison, i.e. "You 'bout to be Bubba's Bitch," read the transcript.

Third, what happened was Dunn continued to lie, claiming I was disbarred and found guilty of practicing law without a license (both lies) and I warned him about it in your so-called "Internet Attacks" you mention during your little pity party for this feckless cop.

Fourth, I am not disbarred so you need to correct that immediately, the same way that WMUR did when I flagged them on it when another idiot cop said I was disbarred. Read the retraction right here.

Fifth, your opinion fails to mention the bogus case for Attempted Felony Extortion that Boy Blunder brought against me even after I specifically asked to present the facts to the Grand Jury. I schooled them good, (UL coverage) and the State failed to prosecute its bogus case after I sat through Voir Dire with my lawyer, former lead Hillsborough Prosecutor David Horan. Idiot Girl Kelly Ayotte's case for Unauthorized Practice of Law was DISMISSED.

Sixth, Martin J. Dunn (and NAACP President Gloria Timmons) lied under Oath when he stated that I had not read the police reports about Willie Toney being before I wrote the Demand Letter. Read the transcript. I knew Toney, a black man, had faced three (3) drawn guns from white officers and a visual body cavity search for LOITERING -- I had read these police reports right here -- and he beat that case pro se, without a lawyer.

Seventh, Dunn's termination was affirmed by former NH AG John Arnold.

Eighth, Prosecutor Bill Albrecht resigned amidst an Ethics Investigation.

This information was readily available to you and you should have known better. I am much too busy with Courtroom and other video to have to take the time to follow in behind you and clean up your mistakes.

Surely Judge Dalianis should have known better, I know her son and when he worked for Mayor Streeter I was awarded a Mayoral Commendation for my hard work in changing First Amendment Policy in Nashua with Alderman Teeboom and for my investigation into the Franconia Shooting tragedy, idiot AG Kelly Ayotte giving taxpayers the biggest cover up in NH Legal History except for the Dow Murders. Heck I got a Decision on RSA 91-A Right-to-Know against her, take a look.

I ought to sue you for Defamation, but I'll settle for an immediate retraction. Just because I annoy you does not give you the right to tell lies about me, do you understand that yet? Thanks for reaffirming everything I thought about NH "Justice."

Please issue the correction forthwith, or I will Commence Legal Action. You are the High Court of the State, and you have a responsibility to get it straight before you publish, not after. What did you think my people wouldn't keep me informed of things like this, or did you -- like former Chief Dunn -- think you could just say and do anything to a black man and get away with it?

He couldn't and you can't, either. Now go back and get it straight.

Submitted with all the respect that is due,

Christopher King, J.D.
cc: Dr. Albert M. Drukteinis
Peter T. Foley, Esq.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Union Leader, KingCast agree: Hillsborough County DA Robert Walsh & former NH AG Kelly Ayotte are unprofessional.

These scans are from a case raised by the Union Leader in a 19 October 2007 Editorial, "Gagged by Nashua: What's Michael Paulhus's story?" Read this post to see why they are relevant to the Malfeasance manifest by Robert Walsh. I believe he was in part responsible for investigating the Christopher J. Micklovich Strange Brew beat down by the Manchester Pee Dee, he completely failed in these two instances. When I get home I will image the Returns of Service in Liko Kenney v. Gregory Floyd et al. and place them on top, you will see why they, along with the Kish Report, are relevant to understanding how the NH Legal system "works."

In today's UL Editorial, "Hillsborough County attorney admits mishandling case," in which he clearly closed out two cases without due investigation.
"I feel it is important that both the community in general and the law enforcement community know that I did not use the usual chain of command and protocol in discussing a resolution of this case," Walsh said. "I acted too quickly. I recognize this is unfair to the chief of police and the victims."
Unfortunately, his actions were par for the course under the previous AG Kelly Ayotte, who, inter alia:

1. Allowed key evidence to be destroyed in the police shooting of Michael Paulhus, the UL's own Oct 19 2007 story referenced the case and raised questions about the confidentiality provisions of settlement in their own editorial:

....but did not mention the FACT that key items of evidence were destroyed under Ayotte's watch. Read the independent forensic review by Googling "Paul Erwin Kish + Paulhus."

2. Gave Greg Floyd a pass in 24 hours after he shot Liko Kenney, even though he issued materially conflicted statements about his actions and speaking to Kenney prior to shooting, as noted by well-respected Author Casey Sherman in video and in his book, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." When a Nashua man sued for information Ayotte said that she had no fingerprint analysis (Floyd could have placed Liko Kenney's second clip in his gun, seeing as he went home with Kenney's live round in his pocket) nor was there any Gun Shot Residue analysis provided even though I know they tested for same on Caleb Macaulay's clothing.

Nor was there any analysis of the windshield bullet that was lodged in Liko Kenney's car, which could also prove that Floyd lied about his actions. Read more about Kelly Ayotte's history of malfeasance (including the Paulhus case) and watch related video right here.

It is going to take a lot of work to restore any semblance of decency and fairness to the NH AG's Office, Mike Delaney has his work cut out for him.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

KingCast public docs request from Mass AG Martha Coakley: Any documents proving that you investigated the Joanna Marinova/Boston Herald CORI leak.

Coakely_Marinova VIA HAND DELIVERY
18 August 2010:

Dear Attorney Coakley:
We last met in October, 2009 as we were both preparing to testify before the Senate Subcommittee and I snapped your picture with my iPhone. You promised me that you would investigate Mayor Menino's missing emails and you did, finding no criminality on the part of Mr. Kineavy or anyone in the administration. I've got video of His Honor discussing that at a recent motorcycle/scooter event.

But in this case you have apparently not taken any action despite the fact that there is clear cut criminality and/or government malfeasance Everybody at Beat the Press knows it. See Globe Newspaper Co. v. District Attorney for Middle Dist., 439 Mass. 374, 788 NE2d 513 (2003) read para. 5. But Jessica Van Sack may indeed find herself in the exact same situation that Toni Locy was in, facing contempt of court charges in that $5.8M Settlement in Hatfill v. NYTimes, infra, for failing to name confidential sources BECAUSE OF THE ILLEGALITY INVOLVED.

In fact, the violation was so obvious, and with Marybeth Heffernan so focused on meeting with Ms. Marinova.... (again, Heffernan wrote on 29 April 2009): "Hi, I apologize for not responding sooner. Absolutely, I would be more than happy to receive any information regarding the DOC that you feel would be helpful...."
.........I was prompted to write on 4 January, 2010 that you and your boss, Governor Patrick -- were indeed "poised to take swift action."

But before I wrote that blog entry I hand delivered the complaint and request for information seen above on 29 December, 2009 and I have not heard back from you.

Since that time I have seen you take action on the missing emails, as noted. Meanwhile I've been busy with the Mayor's Office and other offices in City Hall getting downtown parking for motorcycles and scooters, and getting my neighborhood cleaned up. Meanwhile this blog has helped put Joanna Marinova in touch with seasoned Defamation/First Amendment counsel who are suing the Boston Herald and Channel 7 for Defamation. The information that was unlawfully leaked provided the foundation for the offending conduct from the two Defendants.

But the CORI issue is still sitting there in a black abyss. Your boss told me in the video below that he was going to take care of this thing, i.e. "put it to bed."watch him in this KingCast video.


Has Governor Patrick given you any instruction on it? He told me in video he was going to conduct a thorough investigation. Do you care about this situation? Do you have any documents proving that your office has lifted a pen, pencil or keyboard in an effort to address the clear cut criminality involved in this? Please provide a copy of any and all documents that prove your office has undertaken any investigation into this CORI violation and attendant Defamation issue.

It's no secret that I question you and your Republican buddy to the North, Kelly Ayotte. After all, you both have made up some fantastic stories or issued coverups about men with knives.

I'm certain you will assuage my concerns with a series of documents demonstrating your concern and Due Diligence on this matter.

Related: Judge Murphy's $3.4M Judgement against the Boston Herald.

Meanwhile Joanna Marinova and Press Pass TV continue great work, watch the Mattapan Library screening for award-winning short films "Voices Behind the Wall" and "Mr. President." Reel News for Real People.

PS: Sam Shaulson: stay tuned for more about Citibank and you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

KingCast and Press Pass TV reach the Youth (and the haters) with Behind the Wall and Mr. President forum at Mattapan Library.

UPDATE: Video is exporting to file, 10:25 a.m. It is 13 minutes so this will take a while, look for final upload to YouTube around 12:30p.

Video coming in the late morning, but in the meantime one can listen to the history between Ms. Marinova and KingCast Communications that started at Touch 106.1 FM and the CORI leak/Defamation case against Channel 7 and the racist Boston Herald (call and ask them about "Boone the Coon") and one can view the KingCast activity at the Mattahunt Community Center. Then one can listen to Governor Patrick tell me that he and his administration will indeed clean up the CORI leak mess during our Juneteenth fireside chat. Well he helped push through some CORI reforms, so maybe he can help with this situation as well. We are all patiently waiting.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KingCast: Nonprofit video for the children and related matters.

I've been at this a long time. More on this later.

Okay, it's later:
The first BostonBridges video highlighting NYSE Poetry Slam is now posted, above.
The Education Coalition, circa 1992 is posted, above.
The NYSE Poetry Slam!
The Boston Bridges presentation for parents.
Education Coalition/Free Speech Rights in Nashua, NH 2007.
The Nashua, NH Mayoral Commendation from Bernard Streeter.

Monday, August 9, 2010

KingCast salutes Black, Chapman, Webber & Stevens and India Minchoff & Steve Kuzman for being progressive Civil Rights/Personal Injury firms.

When I saw the hits coming from Oregon I thought it was my old pal and another do-goodnik lawyer Lara Johnson from the Case Western/Diebold days, or Parliament of One blog, whose brother was jacked-up by Bad Cop Brian Cox on Corvallis, but in fact it was not. In fact it was Black, Chapman, and in fact these cats are some of the biggest, baddest attorneys in Northern California, and cool cats who run video choose KingCast and KingCast65 on YouTube.

Lawyers are some of the most backwards, slowest groups of people when it comes to technology, but some lawyers get it, including Boston's India Minchoff and Steve Kuzma, featured above. They recently secured an historic $1.7M verdict in the Anti-Semitic housing case of Scott Hyman v. Hemlock Association in Lakeville, MA. I'll be calling the Court today to check up on the JNOV/New Trial Motions.

Courtroom, settlement and Day-in-the-Life videos are where it's at, and I've been running video from my own trials back in the '90's as I noted above and in this post and in this post. Moreover, several years ago we successfully used settlement video in our case against the overtime-abusing, stock option-backdating racist scumbags at American Tower Corporation, as noted in this Omar Thornton/Budweiser post. Reel News for Real Lawyers.

Friday, August 6, 2010

America, the Home of the Brave: KingCast reflects on workplace violence and racism in the wake of the Hartford Distributors Omar Thornton tragedy.

Update: The plot thickens with NYTimes release of surveillance video....

Soo...... I don't know what the exact facts are, but I have read from a NY Daily News link in this Christian Science Monitor feature that race was at issue. This from a publication I trust more than just about any other:
"If you called him a n----r he would go off," she said. "But he kept it inside. He kept it all bottled up."

Thornton's best friend, who asked the Daily News to keep his name confidential, said he also used to work at the beer distributor and saw Thornton subjected to racist taunts.

"No one should have had to endure what that company put him through," the friend said. "Stuff on walls. Racist comments. I saw it with my own eyes."

The friend said Thornton was hired as a driver but put to work loading boxes in the warehouse and had to fight to get behind the wheel.

"He had someone write a statement asking why he couldn't drive, and that's when they put him on as a driver," he said.

The company and Teamsters union say Thornton lost his job Tuesday morning after being confronted with video evidence that he was stealing. His friend and girlfriend don't believe it.

"Omar stole beer? The dude didn't even drink. I don't know what he would do with it. He wasn't the stealing type," said his buddy. Hannah said she thought he was being set up.

"A few weeks ago, he told me that the company wanted to get rid of him," she said. "They were looking for a way to get him out of the company and paint him as a problem. That they were going to pin something on him and get him out of the company."

Thornton, she said, was pushed to edge by bigots who wanted to take him down a few pegs. She said she crafted a letter for him to the Budweiser company - a letter he signed - in which he detailed the racist abuse.

"He heard people say he got promoted (to driver) because he was a n-----," she said. "That's when on the bathroom wall he saw a noose and the words "Kill all n-----s."

Thornton took photos of the racist graffiti, she said.

"I saw with my own two eyes his cell phone pictures. These people are lying. The proof is on Omar's cell phone."

The taunts escalated to on-the-job sabotage, she claimed.

"Sometimes his coworkers would pack the trucks the wrong way just to give him extra work," she said. "He was one of only two black guys in the whole company and they were both treated as outcasts. As misfits."

Hannah said that Thornton's union rep didn't support him.

If that is true, I appreciate the loss of lives but I do not appreciate the attitude. Similarly, here is a forum board full of contempt for All Things Jewish, which I cannot appreciate either.

What I can appreciate is this:
1. Responsible government officials who prosecute and settle workplace abuse issues, such as the $290K DOL fine...err....settlement with American Tower Corporation after I, as a black man, wrote a letter on behalf of one of my trainees who reported them to the DOL.

2. Responsible private attorneys who made American Tower pay $14M for backdating stock options. KingCast was there, Boston Globe was not.

You can watch our short film "American Lawyer" at, and as you do, note that these haters had the nerve to imply that I was going to kill people like the bloke in Wakefield, MA and they called the police on me and told the employees I was a "Dangerous Black Man" because I had the nerve to ask for a fax machine, a refrigerator and a back office copier. I was employee of the week but I guess that's only as long as I kept my mouth shut..... Other employees who supported me (Caucasian female and a male, black) were hassled and fired but we hung in there and sued those scumbags, led by HR VP Aileen Torrance, Esq, see how she filed a false Affidavit. The money they ended up paying to us was a pittance to what they own, but the Good Thing is that all of us kept our heads high, took the legal route and told them to go to hell.

At any rate, I can't possibly know what was on that brother's mind when he went off like that, but for anyone who is upset about Corporape Amerikkka please put your finger in the dial, a hand on the shutter and spend a minute inside final cut pro or iMovie '09 before you put your finger on the trigger. This way they can never claim victory over you. You'll be alive, out of jail and marching forward in America, the Home of the Free.... Land of the Brave.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

KingCast asks WBZ and Senator Tarr: What's up with Robert Taylor's Law, S8013?

Soooo..... I don't just help clean up Big Dig urban blight in Southie/Dorchester, I help out in Massachusetts in general:

Senator Tarr has always been a Champion of the less-privileged, and Robert Taylor, despite being a Great Guy, was his target constituent. He died in a totally illegal apartment in an uninspected building, and that's a FACT.

That's why the Gloucester Times celebrated Senator Tarr's introduction of Robert Taylor's Law, S8013, after I conceived it and forwarded same to him for polish and final drafting. As noted by the paper on 1 Feb. 2008.
"The residents of the Lorraine were apparently never notified of their building's hazards. But they — and other residents of such buildings around the state — would have that right if this new proposal were to become law.

Now that would be a fitting legacy for Mr. Taylor."

Look: Robert Taylor died in an illegal apartment with ingress and egress only through another floor, and that's a fact, Jack. Read more about it in this Gloucester Times story by Richard Gaines. The paper won an award for its coverage, huzzah!

And that's why Jim Dinsmore -- Robert Taylor's best friend in Gloucester accompanied me to hearing and we both testified. But as WBZ points out, many Americans are wondering why our bills languish in Committee. More info.

One Day, things will get better, it will All Come True. Bjork, Tricky and Goldie, thank you. Sorry for all the pain, but at least it was real romances, not today's bullshit Hollywood arrangements, and all of you gave us Great Music. Reel News for Real People.

Monday, August 2, 2010

KingCast says "Good Morning Kelly Ayotte, what have you done with all of the Michael Holman correspondence?"

You remember Michael Holman. He's one of several black men whom Kelly Ayotte tried to screw while she was helping to screw the residents of the rest of New Hampshire right on out of their Constitutionally-promised liberties. Well the question is now, with U.S. Congressional Representatives, the Connecticut AG and the FBI fishing around, how will she explain any missing emails and other correspondence from Mr. Holman? Why is it the Attorney Rebecca Woodward had not heard about his case? If she's new to the case then surely other AAGs will conference her in. I know how that works, 'cos here I am debriefing some of my peers and supervisors as an AAG myself. You gotta' love a nice, high top fade LOL....

Anyway, we can't have any more missing emails as with the FRM Ponzi scam, you know.....