Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Hey KingCast, you got any proof you know how to successfully prosecute cases before Civil Rights Commissions?"

Well, in a word, yes. This may come as a shock so scum-sucking rat pig liar Citibank's lawyer Sam Shaulson, but he's going to find out where he made his mistake on the 26th of April, as noted in yesterday's checkmate post.

But I'm sure Sam Shaulson thinks he's correct though, so he won't object to having the KingCast cameras document each and every word of it, just as we did back in the 90's with my successful opening argument in State v. Doyle, infra. Video is the best way to make sure the American Public gets to learn the specifics of cases and how the legal system works. Sometimes it takes 3-4 years to win an Administrative hearing, just ask Michael Isreal, V96-61481. But that's okay because Shaulson can soak his client for all the billables he can, and as a partner that's important so that Morgan Lewis can afford to hire Law School students instead of them calling Morgan Lewis a "No Hire Factory." To understand more about that, and to see why the NAACP gave Citibank poor and failing grades on race relations, click here.

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