Monday, February 22, 2010

DA Dan Conley and Morgan Lewis partner Sam Shaulson scream at KingCast: "Are you a credentialed member of the press!"

Sam_Shaulson_gets_schooled_on_KingCast_credentials. Well Counselor yes I am, as a matter of fact, NENPA has seen to that. And you already knew I was credentialed by Judge Brady before you rudely asked me that question in the video, so I don't know what the problem is. I look forward to receipt of my Public Records Request about slain Revere Police Officer Dan Talbot's last official act within the timeframe allotted by Law. This means you have exactly two (2) days to respond as I hand delivered it to your office on 12 Feb. 2010.

But then again, you said "I don't have to talk to anybody," so with that attitude I'm not looking forward to seeing much from you unless I sue for it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hey Sam Shaulson I've got a new picture of your corporate scum-sucking rat pig client, Citibank!

Little fella' didn't even have a decent TARP to cover himself with as he slid toward Death. Citibank is still kinda' covered, kinda' not.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Funny or Die presents: Welcome to the New F***ing Citibank.....

It's a funny video about a POS, scumbag, money-laundering racist bank that stole $14M from its own clients.


Now for shits and grins on the NYSE charts, make sure to hit the 5 and 10 year milestones, hahahaaaa...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

KingCast extends gratitude to New England Newspaper & Press Association as an accepted member, so now Suffolk DA Dan Conley will play nice.

Thanks guys, now we can put an end to the shenanigans witnessed in this YouTube video.

Of course we all know that DA Conley knew I had court credentials from Judge Brady and he knew that other respected people in the Criminal Justice field had applauded and top-ranked my blog (see comments) but whatever, when you are fighting oppression you need all of the weapons you can get, and by golly dammit you bet I'm going to get them.

Shaulson: "King claims he's a journalist...."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sam Shaulson, Morgan Lewis and Citibank proved wrong again, this time on KingCast professionalism under adverse circumstances.

Sam_Shaulson_wrong_on_KingCast_professionalism Citibank claims they lawfully refused to open a bank account for me while they opened one for my Caucasian girlfriend because I became boisterous when they refused to cash Derrick Gillenwater's check. But I didn't, and that's the real reason Citibank refused to offer that tape for public view, I would have gladly blue-dotted everyone else to show my demeanor at the bank that day because I was chill. I recently proved that they lied about what the teller saw, too, watch this video.

Now as to why DA Conley was so nasty to me, ignoring me while speaking to Caucasian journalists who publish my photos, well I'm an intelligent, assertive observer --and a black man -- making some very disquieting observations about the quality of his team's investigation in the Dan Talbot murder trial, in which I have posted some 36 KingCast YouTube videos. He claims it was something to be proud of, but reasonable minds can and do find it lacking in crucial areas -- and potentially even fabricated. Read this post about the spent casing that made a miraculous landing into the crevice of a Gatorade bottle without even scoring its plastic, and listen to the testimony of the Sergeant who leads up the range testing.

Anyway, watch as Dan Conley totally disrespects me but I keep my cool and keep on with the video, even as the press secretary Jake Wark is reduced to giggles.

As a matter of course, DA Dan Conley is a wannabe-bully, Press Secretary Jake Wark is a silly-man giggler and I am cool, calm and collected: Habit “is the person’s regular practice of meeting a particular kind of situation with a specific type of conduct,” whereas character “is a generalized description of one’s disposition, or of one’s disposition in respect to a general trait, such as honesty, temperance, or peacefulness.” Figueiredo v. Hamill, 385 Mass. at 1004, 431 N.E.2d at 232, quoting Advisory Committee Notes, Fed. R. Evid. 406. As noted in the comments, a private citizen is sending me his video from the occasion he was so shocked as well.

One day I want DA Conley to look me in the face and straight up tell me
"I know that .40 cal casing on that Gatorade bottle really flew there and landed just like that."
Shortly after that he will disappear into the horizon as he walks across the Charles River in Jesus sandals.

PS: I was asking many of the crucial questions with blogger Kane in December, 2007.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

KingCast tells Citibank lying Lawyer Sam Shaulson: "Every time you lie, I'll cut your heart out and feed it to you."

From today's filing, mit video! (uploading now)

Once again, Respondent’s argument is a noise full of sound and fury, signifying….. nothing. And none of this changes the FACT that we were trying to cash a check and that is why I took a copy of the Branch Manager’s card, how ridiculous an argument for them to make. In point of fact, I recently found that card and hereby enter it in to evidence, run a date check on the ink from where I wrote Tim Sullivan’s name if you like. I’m busy working on a project with the Arts and at-risk school children that I conceived (the project, not the schoolchildren) several months ago, I’m completing historic coverage of a police murder case as an embed blogger, I scarcely have time to go around fabricating stories about a scum bag bank and its managers. See Carlo Caramanna business card, Attachment 1.

Further, I was never arrested in the bogus and dismissed case against me for Attempted Felony Extortion so Sam Shaulson needs to get his facts straight or shut his ignorant mouth. A simple phone call or two to the Jurisdiction would have proved that. Sam Shaulson is just another stuffed-shirt, fat cat lawyer making assumptions without due diligence, and trying to criminalize my conduct. The only arrest I was worried about, Counselor, was the one that your racist pig client was threatening during that time period of the video that you fail to address.

Newsflash Sam:
Not every black man is a criminal because they complain about morally aberrant corporations like your client, or because they have blogs that you don’t like. I never would have said that I represent Derrick Gillenwater as an attorney and the teller knows that because she knows I’m not licensed. Bring her in to testify and she will tell you I know her through another individual, D.R.S, another J.D. who works for another lawyer we know........

........Further, said teller needs to watch out for Perjury as to any observations as to what she observed as Mr. Gillenwater, J.R.T. and I exited the building outside of the double doors because she can’t even see that.

Watch the YouTube video and review the pictures: The teller window is well set back down on the right side, and it is recessed off the wall by more than a foot leading up to the Federal Spec. bullet proof windows. Then there are the teller counters on the other side of THAT, so the teller sits well back -- several feet -- from that window. Put simply, and as you can see from the video provided by Respondent itself, there’s no line of sight going out the second door whatsoever. I am enclosing an 8” x 10” glossy of this for Counselor Shaulson as Attachment 2.

Sam: didn't they teach you in Law School that you can't just make up facts as you go? An arrest of me that never happened? A teller who can see through walls? A Decision Maker who was black but who really isn't? You're the one who ought to be suspended, My Friend.