Monday, January 25, 2010

KingCast Citibank Vikram Pandit cam part II: Don't feel sorry for this guy.

Pictured: Citi CEO Vikram Pandit, seated with other fat cats, Citi/Morgan Lewis lawyer Sam Shaulson and one of his reports:
Apart from taking home $1 million, which he obviously does not deserve, the only other noteworthy things Vikram Pandit did in 2008 was to fire 73,000 employees and the $50 million jet fiasco. Vikram Pandit seems to have done little else of significance so far.

This morning, Vikram Pandit also declared before Congress that he’d take a salary of $1 with no bonus until the company gets back into the black.

But do not shed any tears for Vikram because he joined Citi in April 2007 after selling his hedge fund Old Lane to Citi for over $800 million. After seeing mediocre returns from Old Lane, Citi shut down the fund in June 2008.

Here's my post on Vikrom Pandit and Citibank, the dirtiest money-laundering, student-deceiving, sweeps-account stealing, racial joke-telling scum-sucking rat pigs I have ever seen.

Back to trial; I look forward to putting the Citibank case on video too, they are stupid corporate ho-bags, toxic to the touch:

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  1. Dear Mr. Viram Pandit, the Citi Financial finance company that is part of your Citi Group is very unfair to its consumers. When the normal home loan and top up loan rates are around 8.5%-10% in Mumbai how come Citi finance is charging 15.5 %. It is very unfair. If you have the slightest affection towards your country and your people in Mumbai, please check the accounts of Citifinance Mumbai. This status is as of today 22nd May 2010. We are really unhappy with Citifinancial Mumbai unfair practises and irregularites. Please take this comment as a constructive criticism as the management is taking undue advantage of the consumers by charging almost double the interst rates compared to market rates. Please help the consumers of your bank.